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God at work...

Haven't had a chance to write lately, but God's presence in my life lately has definitely been wonderful. 

*I am beginning to see God's words spread through people I know, to the most unexpected person and I'm very excited for the opportunity God has presented. I gave a book to a friend of mine on a man who had a hard and dark life but found Jesus and was completely transformed. My friend's dad had heard this story years ago, and now was interested in reading the book himself. Thank God.

*Someone I know who's a smoker and has been trying to quit for years believes God gave her a dream that she was going to get cancer. She said the dream was so realistic that when she woke up, it felt like she actually couldn't breathe. The next time she went to smoke, it made her nausous and she hasn't smoked a cig. since then. It's been two weeks. I've heard of God taking a person and make what they were addicted to completely not take effect. I'm praying and believing that this is it for her. Whoever reads this..keep her in your blessed thoughts. :)

*My mom needed some advice. In order to help another family member, she needed to bring up a very difficult conversation. During one of her prayer times, she was reading the bible (and I'll probably edit this when I find out exactly where it was) and found somewhere in James where it talks about needed to help those who couldn't help themselves. It was actually word for word what we were discussing before she read it about the other family member. It gave her the strength and peace she needed to confront the situation. She did it and it worked out wonderfully. It's awesome to see God work like that and the testimony that it becomes to other's who find out about it is great.

So I am extremely grateful to God for showing His love and grace through people's lives around me. 
It's a beautiful thing. :)




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